‘Wonder Woman’ one of the best DCU films in a long time.

Wonder Woman
 tells the story of Diana Prince, princess of the Amazons, before she was Wonder Woman. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

What an amazing film coming out of a pile of dogshite that’s the DC universe, don’t excuse the French. Director Patty Jenkins has brought us the best portrayal of ‘Wonder Woman’ to the screen and does the character justice to such an iconic character. What’s such a massive relief is this film being done right and wasn’t destroyed like Catwoman in 2004 and Elektra in 2005. The DC universe did get off to a rough start that didn’t deliver so fingers crossed this is a change of pace, finally.

There will be no doubts comparisons to MCU and there’s no shame in saying that Wonder Woman’s DCU’s Captain America — a fish out of water with a heart of gold only wanting to do the best for those around her. You couldn’t imagine anyone else as Wonder Woman apart from Gal Gadot and she has wonderful chemistry with Chris Pine as war pilot Steve Trevor.

Amazonians accompanying Gadot is Connie Nielsen as overprotective mother and Queen, Hippolyta and her right hand woman Antiope played by the bad ass Robin Wright, whom I love very dearly.

It’s a visually spectacular film with mind blowing action set pieces pulled on camera by Matthew Jensen. It’s not a conglomeration of special effects much like what we’ve seen in previous instalments of the DC universe in Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman helmed by Zack Snyder and Suicide Squad helmed by David Ayer. Those films were a mess that you couldn’t make any sense out of while Wonder Woman finally had a refreshing sense of logic and humour to it. It was a film that was serious but didn’t take itself too seriously.

The film doesn’t really start going until we leave the island of Themiscyra after an average first act that was needed to set Diana up as a character. There, she’s broken into a world that’s so unlike what she imagined. And from there, we’re taken straight into the action and like I said before, it isn’t overwhelming. It’s enough to get us excited to see a woman be so bad ass and kick some bad guy butt. Amongst all this, a love story is interwoven but it isn’t a stand out, over the top aspect of the story. If this was helmed by a man, or done any differently, the hinted at sex scene would’ve been taken further and made almost pornographically unnecessary. Much like the MCU with their villains, it’s not the strongest element of this movie but the women do steal the show.

All the idiots who have brought the film down because of their sexist and misogynistic views can bite their tongues. Hard. Until they bleed. While everyone deserves their opinions and the such, there are some that just need put in their ways, to help those with those views to realise what’s ultimately wrong. There have been comments about Gal Gadot’s appearance and is downright sexist trash that makes me sick thinking about it.

Wonder Woman is one of the best films in a long time, and even since The Dark Knight all those years ago. It’s such an important movie for woman and honestly, it’s the first in a dramatic change in cinema and how we view films.

Film-O-Meter: 9/10.


‘Anomalisa’ is disgusting, boring, and almost unwatchable.


Anomalisa tells the story of a man crippled by the mundanity of his life experiences something out of the ordinary.

Instead of an interesting story made by amazing writer/director Charlie Kaufman, it was an instead a drawn out character study of loneliness and the deterioration of ones mental health that would’ve made a better short instead of a feature length film. By the end of the film, I was disappointed in what I had sat through. Anomalisa isn’t something that I would ever watch again and judging from the praise that the film received, you would’ve thought that the film would have some sort of message that would uplift those stuck in a mundane and depressing world but I couldn’t be more wrong. It started that way and continued to spiral downwards. The film feels unfinished and is hardly entertaining and it gives the feeling that the writer almost couldn’t be bothered to write nuanced and meaningful dialogue, completely focused on the technical aspects.

When the main character of Michael Stone, voiced by the brilliant actor David Thewlis, becomes inspired by the new element in his life, it’s ultimately cringe-worthy. There is absolutely no aspect we like or can emotionally connect with his character or any of the characters for that matter.

The film is gross, boring, and almost unwatchable. The only thing to be appreciated and to give the film some sort of merit is the stop motion animation used amongst the technical aspects used to create the film otherwise, be wary as it will possibly be the longest hour and a half of your life.

Film-O-Meter: 2/10.