Although enjoyable, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ really misses it’s star, Paul Walker.

The Fate of the Furious
 tells the story of when a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of terrorism and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

I’ve never been that much of a fan of the Fast and the Furious series and now with this eighth (yeah, you read that right, there’s been eight of these films) instalment, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any slowing down for this franchise of epic proportions. They have all the “modern action heroes” all in one movie, much like what The Expendables did with some of the action heroes from the previous generation, added in cars, and continued revving up the gears. To be honest, the only reason why I watched the previous instalment
Furious 7, was for the limited screen time MMA superstar (and my personal favourite) Ronda Rousey had and any of the previous instalments because there was nothing else to watch and it looked vaguely interesting with people I recognised from one thing or another. That and I thought that Furious 7 should’ve been seen at least in honour of Paul Walker’s memory and still provided an emotional end of a well loved series by many.

The Fate of the Furious will be the first in the series, since Tokyo Drift (but we don’t talk about that film), that isn’t lead by the late Paul Walker, who passed away during production of Furious 7, and it still does extremely well even without being lead by Walker. it still doesn’t mean that his presence isn’t missed and it is strange to see the film without him there. Personally, I thought that film should’ve ended with Furious 7, especially with the passing of its well loved star and emotional end.

It’s no doubt that the Fast and the Furious franchise is a massive money making machine for Universal and it would almost be stupid for them not to continue rolling out sequel after sequel, milking it for all it’s worth. And, surprisingly, the series still has some gas left to keep on chugging.

Much like the storylines of the previous instalments, it’s more about the stunts and car chases than any innovative plot. Though it may be the weakest of the last couple of films, it’s not something big Fast and the Furious fans will care about. Sure, the cars are faster, the stunts are more unbelievably insane, and the stars returning to the film continuing to show off more muscle than what little acting chops they have, but that’s not why the series works — it’s completely outrageous and it doesn’t shy away from pursuing the impossibly creative. That’s what’s made the series so enjoyable for some.

What was a refreshing injection into the series was Charlize Theron, which was a surprising addition in the first place when she was announced. Her character of Cipher wasn’t as heavy handed or was a villain to Hulk smash their way through the story.

Though it may not be as enjoyable as Fast Five, that was a true reinvention for the franchise, or Furious 7, which was a plain emotional roller coast of a ride, The Fate of the Furious is something that will keep the series running for a while. Paul Walker is something that the series will always sorely miss, the film is hardly a disappointment. It was mindless, entertaining, and fun, which is much more than what you can say about some films recently, and there’s nothing much that’s been happening in the film world recently of late.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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