Why does ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ exist?

Fifty Shades of Grey follows literature student Anastasia Steele’s life as it changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.

Keep in mind, while reading this review, that I’ve read the book. The writing is laughable and it’s the literary version of redtube. I will also try to keep as much of my persona opinions on abuse and degradation of women restrained.

This atrocious piece of junk is possibly one of the worst films I have ever seen. If you have been living under a rock over the past few years since its “novel” was published in 2011, Fifty Shades of Grey is all kinds of wrong. It portrays the BDSM culture in a completely horrific way, although the film doesn’t seem to be as horrid as the novel. But that doesn’t hold back from being a horrendous film.

Thus, I am not surprised that both the film and “novel” has gained heavy criticism. It was originally a fan fiction based on another trashy novel to film series by the name of Twilight, in which Anastasia is based upon Bella Swan and Christian Grey on Edward Cullen. And it was awfully written fan fiction at that.

I am slightly disappointed in myself that I couldn’t join the campaigners against domestic violence who protested at the UK premiere of Fifty Shades of Rape last night (12th of Feb). It’s reported that it’s already taken £1m in ticket sales and it’s only just been released. Protestors made banners reading “Mr. Grey is a Rapist” and distributed anti-rape flyers. The film and the novel romantises abuse and glamourises an abusive person, although the likes of the author have claimed it to be untrue (obviously).

Actress Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia, told Newsbeat,“It’s exciting to be involved in something controversial that some people like and some people don’t.” And director Sam Taylor-Johnson said, “I don’t think you can judge something without seeing it.“

After seeing it today, I can tell you I am in the perfect position to pass judgement. It’s definitely not as abusive or stalker-ish as the novels, but it still portrays Christian Grey as a predator. The entire Fifty Shades of Abuse series degrades women. From what I’ve read in reports, security removed the banner and the flyers.

I am a little disappointed as I was a fan of some of director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s (mainly Nowhere Boy starring her now husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who I am not ashamed to admit I have a celebrity crush on). When I was reading interviews for the film, I read that she had a variety of conflicts with author E.L. James in adapting the film and where she wanted to lead it. To be honest, the film shouldn’t have been made in the first place, let alone the two following novels to be made into films.

The acting was appalling. I’m not surprised if those who walked off the project (mainly by the likes of Charlie Hunam who was originally cast to play Christian Grey before leaving the film just before shooting was meant to start). Jamie Dornan (who plays Christian Grey) did a terrible job in his performance and his American accent was a little off putting. But you can hardly blame the guy. Or even Dakota Johnson (who plays Anastasia Steele). They had nothing to work with. The script was as laughable as the book and of course it’s an impossible task to make a decent film out of trashy literature. There was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads and recent reports have described Johnson and Dornan disliking each other.

This movie is atrocious beyond words. The session I went to was filled by entirely of women (not surprising) and middle-aged women. I can’t believe this book and movie has appeal. Are us women really so bored and desperate, that this is what gets us turned on? Come on, girls. We’re better than this.

When E.L. James was asked about the criticism, she said: “Why do you think there are so many women here if it’s about domestic abuse and domestic violence?”

I will try not to complain about her comment or attack E.L. James as I don’t personally know her, but that comment just shows how ignorant of a woman she is. And she should be ashamed.

Film-O-Meter: -100/10


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