‘Trainwreck’ is another reason why Amy Schumer fails as an actress and a comedienne.

Trainwreck tells the story of Amy, whose thinks that monogamy isn’t possible and has a commitment problem as she tries to focus on her career, has to face her fears when she meets someone who could change her attitude.

Trainwreck was a good film but could do with some working on, but this doesn’t mean that it was a “trainwreck” of a film. Some of it’s scenes held great comedic banter that kept you interested and giving a genuine laugh. Other scenes, however, felt awkward and shoved together with no real seamlessness in it’s editing. It could’ve been pieced together so much more smoothly and often relied on writer//actress Amy Schumer’s charisma, which often shone and disappeared behind clouds more often than not.

Schumer and co-star Bill Hader seem like a pair of mismatched shoes but their comedic skills, especially with that of Hader’s improv, work well, especially when pulling off some of the cornier moments of the film to create a sort of self-awareness into their performances.

The cameo’s in this film is what made it. With epic performances from WWE Wrestler John Cena, pro-ball players LeBron James and Amar’e Stoudmire, Matthew Broderick, and finally figuring out why Daniel Radcliffe was walking a whole bunch of dogs strapped to his waist around New York. And can we just mention how Tilda Swinton can change to fit any role that she takes on? I hardly recognised her apart from the native accent she kept throughout the film. She was an amazing addition as Schumer’s boss in the film.

The film was nothing new but it was something enjoyable that didn’t just blend in with a string of sexually charged “romantic” comedies. If your a fan of director Judd Apatow’s work or even Schumers, whom I had no idea of until this film was released, you’ll be sure to like this film as it very much plays to their audience.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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