‘The Longest Ride’ is just another Nicholas Sparks film.

The Longest Ride tells the story about how the lives of a young couple interwine’s with a much older man as he reflects back on a past love after discovering an car crash he was involved in.

This happens to be one of those films that stumbles onto tv one friday or saturday night and you have it on in the background while you read. This film happens to be another one of Nicholas Sparks’ book to film adaptations that have lasted more then a decade and seem to have gotten worse and worse as the years have gone by.

This film, however, does manage to be unfortunately a platform for Scott Eastwood to garner the attention of at least a female audience. And I also couldn’t help but think how much he looked like his father through out the film.

The only thing that managed to keep me mildly entertained was the eye candy that was Scott Eastwood and the dead silence whenever the “romantic” or “comedy” drifted onto the screen. That and how much I agreed with Eastwood’s character about how the majority of modern art seems to just be squiggly lines on canvass being sold for a ridiculous amount of money.

This is just another Sparks film and if you were a fan, you’d be entertained and taken on a journey about timeless love. If not, at least you’ll be able to enjoy some sort of action in the bullfighting scenes, which I do have to say were filmed quite beautifully in slow-motion.

Film-O-Meter: 4/10.


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