‘Spooks’ doesn’t reach an audience outside of the UK.

Spooks: The Greater Good follows Will Holloway as he teams up with disgraced MI5 Intelligence Chief Harry Pearce to track down an escaped terrorist during a routine handover before the terrorist executes an attack on London.

To be quite honest, I honestly only saw this film because of Kit Harrington. And a small cameo from Lara Pulver, who you might recognise from an episode or two of BBC’s Sherlock. And to spot places in London that I had been to. I hadn’t seen the long running TV show and hadn’t even heard of it before I moved to England. Having not seen or heard of the show before, the film still worked for me and it was a good standalone film.

From what I’ve read, and from my experience of the film, you don’t have needed to have seen the show in order to understand what was going on. It has a decent enough storyline that builds up to some intense final moments. And Harrington definitely is able to prove himself fit for the role and breaking out from his “Jon Snow” role he is known for, but I think he already did this (breaking out from what we know him as) in a film that was released earlier this year in Testament of Youth.

For me, the film worked. But it wasn’t truly anything special. What did lift the film was it’s excellent cinematography, which is always a vast improvement from television to film adaptions. There’s more of a budget to allow for such things.

All in all, however, there are so many films of the spy genre that Spooks might get lost amongst its competition. Although the film did build to the final moments into the break into MI5, it somehow didn’t feel smart enough or enough of a threat to really keep me on the edge of the seat.

As said, the film worked. And British audience will enjoy it but it may not reach a market outside of the country.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10


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