‘Man Up’ is a lighthearted film that will brighten your day.

Man Up tells the story of a a single woman who’s mistaken for a stranger’s blind date that leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend.

Man Up is a romantic comedy that I will definitely watch a few times over, and I’m usually one who doesn’t particularly take a liking to the romantic drama//comedy type. I must admit, the only reason why I saw this film was because I’m a fan of Simon Pegg’s work and knew that I would take some sort of liking to his humour. And both leads worked well together in their humour and you could actually see them together believably. The humour that accompanied them was clever and verbal rather than the typical slap-stick comedy that will work its way onto the screen.

I do have to commend Lake Bell’s British accent in which she kept up amicably throughout the film as well as taking up the lead with a charismatic comedic flair. And the concept of “stealing” someone’s blind date was refreshing to the genre.

And for those Game of Thrones fans out there, there was a brief cameo by John Bradley (who plays Sam Tarly in the show) at the beginning of the film that added a nice little moment to the film in attempts to get Nancy to interact with the friends engagement party crowd downstairs.

One thing that the script could’ve done without was the over the top (and creepy) Rory Kinnear character but to make the film work, it could be seen why it was a necessary addition.

One particular moment that I liked in this movie was the final sequences where essentially, Pegg’s character “got the girl” as he ran through the streets a suburban town with a crowd of drunk youngin’s dressed in onesies as they attempted to use google maps to find said “girls” house. It was really a sweet and charming moment.

Whether you’re a fan of Pegg’s work or not, it’s a light hearted film that will brighten your day.

Film-O-Meter: 7/10.


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