‘Focus’ wasn’t bad but a decent silver that didn’t exactly reach gold.

Focus is a film about con-man Nicky, whose latest scheme is thrown into a loop when a woman from his past shows up.

Unfortunately, Will Smith is another one of those actors that hasn’t done a good film in years. He’s had a few good films under his belt like AliPursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds but like I said, hasn’t done anything half-decent since the latter. Focus is an interesting film at that but he falls into a character that he seems to be familiar in playing (that of a cocky character who is changed when he falls in love with a girl).

The film was full of twists and turns and at times, it did feel like it was never ending. It never had a predictable moment, that’s for sure. Apart from Smith’s character, of course. But I found often that the execution of intelligent criminal activity was often justified as that “he’s just so good at it.” It kind of failed to satisfy me with an explanation and insight into the brilliance of how the plan was fully achieved. Don’t get me wrong, however. There was some sort of explanation in some parts but often not enough.

And I would just like to point out the fact that the joke made about Australian’s was a little on the offensive side and didn’t seem like it was funny. Are we really seen as sexually crazy, foul mouthed, drunks? I really hope we’re not.

The film wasn’t bad but a decent silver that didn’t exactly reach gold.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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