‘Eden’ is a waste of your time.

Eden tells the story of teenager, Paul, whose involved in the underground scene of early-90s Paris and forms a DJ collective with his friends and together, they plunge into the nightlife of sex, drugs, and endless music.

I was interested in this film upon seeing the trailer but what annoyed me about the film was that it heavily used Daft Punk in the trailer to sell itself to the audience because although the film might have been about the “underground scene of early-90s Paris,” the trailer made it seem like there would be more involvement or stories of Daft Punk instead of a running gag that not one person in the audience snorted at.

When Paul was reading letters or notes addressed to him, the fades between him and the writers of the letter seemed cringe worth and amateurish. Instead of having the writer of the letter read out its contents, why not have the recipient react to it instead? And we find out the contents in the set up and the reaction? It was very poor storytelling, and to mention another piece of poor storytelling is the large jumps in time that were essentially used to skip over important pieces of plot. There was no effort to bring each of the scenes together. It seemed like the film was pieces of Paul’s diary but that’s not to be said that a story based on someone’s personal experiences can’t be good, as there are many films that successfully been made in this regard however, so many of the scenes seemed disconnected and there was too much of a time jump.

An example of the time Margot and Paul interact. How did he meet Margot? What’s their story? Because all the information we’re given is that they’re suddenly together and he’s tried to sleep with her for the previous three years. She was never properly introduced.

There was no climax of the film, no dramatic build up at all. It just seemed like a string of unlinked events edited together as we were left waiting for the big “something” but it never came.  And because of this lack of build up and climax, the ending was ultimately unsatisfying as there was essentially no resolution. We see Paul hitting rock bottom and another character named Jasmine, who disappears shortly after consoling him, and then the film ends.

The film felt extremely long and by the time that I got to the end of the first part, I was willing for it to end. With a shorter time frame, it could’ve helped but otherwise, it was drawn out and almost painful.

I really regret leaving the house to go and see this film. It was a waste of my time.

Film-O-Meter: 2/10.


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