‘Camp X-Ray’ is an average yet watchable film.

Camp X-Ray tells the story of a soldier assigned to Guantanamo Bay who befriends a man who has been imprisoned there.

This was a very simplistic film. There wasn’t any over-exaggeration, added music, or special effects. It was all down to the story and the actors. Stewart, as always, seems to struggle with her performances and I felt myself willing her to get her lines out and at times became frustrated with her.

Peyman Maadi, however, is the imprisoned character that Stewart’s character becomes friends with that really gave the film life. His performance really gave their friendship and the study of humanity within extreme circumstances.

The film focuses, as stated earlier, on the interactions between the guards and those they’re watching over. There’s little to no talking of politics, which I appreciate and it was definitely a breath of fresh air. A lot of films with similar stories are charged with a political agenda that always create some sort of turmoil around the film.

Give it a watch, whether you may like it or not.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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