‘Zoolander 2’ has easily become one of the worst comedy-sequels ever.

Zoolander 2 tells the story of Derek and Hansel who are lured into modeling again, in Rome, where they find themselves the target of a sinister conspiracy.

May I introduce to you the worst film of 2016, and it’s only February. What was once a hilarious fresh piece of comedy sixteen years ago is now a stale piece of ridiculousness that is nothing but a cameofest in attempts to detract from how horribly hollow the story actually was. Whatever story there was kept on halting to accommodate these cameos, all that was painfully dully and unmemorable. I heard a group of friends in the bathroom that said one of them fell asleep halfway through the film and was awoken by her friend at the end; two couples actually left before the opening titles.

It was worse then bad and at many moments I questioned what I was putting myself through, questioning what the actors were even thinking when they agreed to appear in Zoolander 2. The film’s narrative continues to become drawn out and failing to scramble together any form of a proper story, becoming tangled on numerous occasions and basically destroying any sort of enjoyment we may have found. It was a proper snooze-fest from start to finish. The original had at least a proper focus where Zoolander was being brainwashed to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister while its sequel has absolutely no central focus – sometimes Zoolander, Hansel, and new addition Valentina (Penelope Cruz) were looking for the assassins while at other times, they’re just attempting to make their way back into a fashion world that’s forgotten them, or even just wanting to find Derek’s son so he can reconnect. No matter what it is, it’s a hugely messy film that failed to find any points of interest to focus on.

With its failure to even remotely come close to delivering the same style of comedy the original did, the gags continued to miss the mark and there was definitely a point where I could sense the were as an approaching joke, listening for the laughter only to be greeted with silence. It’s a sad thing to say is that the most decent thing of this film was Will Ferrell, who appeared halfway through and hasn’t appeared in a decent comedy since Step Brothers, otherwise all other performances were emotionally flat and unfunny. The difference between the original and its sequel is that the original it was a clever comedy around a stupid character with well-written jokes while in the sequel, the comedy is just plain dumb like its character and treats the audience like idiots where it relies too heavily on the cameos for cheap laughs.

It’s no doubt there was a social media buzz when Zoolander 2 was announced, with hopes that it wouldn’t be like many of the other comedy-sequel failures, but ultimately failed to deliver and has easily become one of the worst comedy-sequels ever.

Film-O-Meter: -10/10.


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