‘The Lady in the Van’ a heartwarming comedy that an audience of a variety of ages will enjoy.

The Lady in the Van tells of a story of a man who forms an unexpected bond with a transient woman living in her car that’s parked in his driveway.

The Lady in the Van is aimed mainly at the older audiences as I was the youngest person in cinema, however, the younger audience like myself will still be able to find some humour mainly coming from Smith’s undeniable wit and comedic timing. Although the film didn’t seem as funny as the trailer made it out to be, it doesn’t mean it didn’t make us chuckle.

Smith brought a huge range of emotions to the screen, really showcasing how much of a formidable actress she is. If you’ve seen any interviews with her, you might be able to recognise that many aspects of her personality is reflected in the character, especially in the dry humour and wit mentioned earlier. Her character, Miss Shepherd, is a very astute and strong minded woman who lived by her own unique rules that made her a unique and interesting character.

The idea of having Jennings’ character of Alan Bennet talking to himself and having two physical presence of him was really interesting and effectively showed his personality worked. It also gave someone for him to bounce off as there were intermittent portions of the film where he interacted with his neighbours with their disapproving comments of the lady in the van but with having Bennet’s acting as well as writing half present, it helped reveal more of his character instead of Bennet just sitting in a room writing.

The Lady in the Van a heartwarming comedy that an audience of a variety of ages will enjoy. Now time to tuck into its adapted novel.

Film-O-Meter: 7/10.


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