‘Tangerine’ gives you an alternative point of view with a very different subject matter.


Tangerine tells the story of a working girl who tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.

I missed the chance of seeing this film at this years London FIlm Festival but thankfully it was released at the cinemas not long after its screenings at the festival. The entire film was shot on an iPhone 5s, which shows you the quality of the film despite what cameras are used and shows that almost anyone can make a film as long as they have performances and a strong story.

The subject matter of the film isn’t something that you see many films about but this doesn’t mean it provides an entertaining and interesting story. It shows prostitutes, pimps, drugs, sex, homosexuality, and gender roles in an environment that’s foreign to most. I haven’t seen many or any films that focus on two transgender prostitutes that are persons of colour. The film pays little attention to the professions of our two leads but instead tells the story of heartbreak, friendship, and the culture of the community of the unglamorised and tougher area of LA. Alexandra and Sin-Dee guide us through this journey with their charismatic dialogue, smart-ass comebacks as Armenian taxi driver Razmik is drawn into this relatively unseen world.

The music fits the environment of the characters as we’re taken along the LA sidewalks combined with the tangerine colours that pulls us onto the brash and dramatic streets of LA. There’s a real community on the streets that we’re taken on a journey through.

We finally get a fresh indie film amongst the overly dramatic and sappy stories that have been saturating the market over the last few years. It takes a very different subject matter that draws the audience in and gives you an alternative point of view that we might not experience.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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