‘Room’ isn’t a film you’ll soon forget.

Room tells the story of five-year-old Jack and his mother who escape from the enclosed surroundings Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery.

This was another film that I regret not watching at the London Film Festival this year in October as it was a heart-wrenching film, at least for the first half as you wish for the mother and child from their jail like room. For the second half of the film, however, it felt less intense as the first – but maybe this is due to the fact that they had managed to escape their confinements and made a recover as such but we hardly got an insight into their minds. This is especially relevant and clear in Jack’s perspective as he has never known a world outside of “the room.” We do catch a glimpse of this when he first sees the outside world but still, this may be the only glimpse we gain.

Director Lenny Abrahamson can be complemented on his tackling of a difficult subject matter that that doesn’t feel like a horror film and shows the innocence of Jack. But because of this perspective of Jack, we lack a proper explanation of certain moments of the film – like Ma’s (Brie Larson) miraculous recovery after almost trying to kill herself. It would’ve been good to gain more of a hint of her recovery after suffering seven long years trapped in a room by an abuser.

Larson and Jacob Tremblay, who plays Jack, help transport us into their world as they take us on a journey into a very isolated place. Even Joan Allen, who only has a small part within the film as Ma’s mother, plays her role with a delicate kindness for her grandson Jack.

Room asks as as an audience to review how we see the world and how this view is affected by our upbringing. This is a film that isn’t one that you’ll soon forget.

Film-O-Meter: 7/10.


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