‘Eddie the Eagle’ is predictably heartwarming and uplifting.

Eddie the Eagle tells the story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

The underdog story is a well loved one, especially in the realm of sports as it’s always proven to be a good place for these types of stories prosper. Biopics are either hit or miss, but this film is something that needs to be experienced.

It’s a feel good story that everyone can get behind, whether you know about the real life character or not (as I did). Eddie’s character, and real life persona, always dreamed of competing in the Olympics. From a young age, he was told he would never make it and of course, this is something the audience can easily root for.

The one thing that we’re seeing since the casting of Taron Egerton in last years Kingsman is that he is transforming into a phenomenal actor that entirely transforms into the characters he’s portraying to lead us with him on a journey.

With this film, Egerton transforms into this role as he flawlessly takes on Edwards’ body language and emotions without an unconvincing moment. He carries the film without a struggle and the comedy he provides, along with that of Hugh Jackman’s washed up drunk coach cliché that often provides a bouncing board for the comedy, is hilariously heartfelt.

One thing that I especially enjoyed was the radio turnover to “a bobsled team from Jamaica” that made the audience giggle as much as I did.

Even though the majority of people who will see this film will say that there’s nothing original about it, and honestly, they’re not entirely wrong. The cliché’s of this film actually added to the character of the film and really provided no detriment to the outcome of the production. This was aided by the cheesy music score that reflected the era the film was set in, making it feel true to its source and that it was an eighties film made in modern times.

Although cheesy and predictable, it’s a warming uplifting film with heart and soul.

Film-O-Meter: 8/10.


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