The best ‘X-Men’ film.

tells the story of a near future where a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border but Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives being pursued by dark forces.

This film marks the third and final Wolverine film and outing for both Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine/Logan. It’s been a long 17 years for both Stewart and Jackman since they first took up the mantles all those years ago and for a long time, Jackman has been saying that it was time for him to part ways with the character that had shot him into superstardom. It’s a shame that Jackman’s portrayal of the character couldn’t carry one more film to the ‘Deadpool’ sequel that star Ryan Reynolds was trying to convince him of participating in but ultimately failed to do so. Though, in Logan, there couldn’t have been a more perfect way for both Stewart and Jackman to go out. No one could portray their incarnations of their characters as perfectly as they. Dafne Keen, who plays Laura, the girl whom Logan has to escort north, is such an amazing actress for her age and stands tall amongst her peers despite this being her first feature film role with her only other experience in television. She handles her role with effortless grace and stuns us with her acrobatic skills, truly making you believe that she could be the *spoiler* daughter of Logan.

And in speaking of Deadpool, it seems to have finally started a trend of extremely good superhero films. Tired are the old formulas that we’ve seen countless times before that just seem like they’re being recycled or just plain out bad (see the Avenger’s films). Logan adds to what Deadpool built on and despite its lengthy run time, it proves to be a captivating movie. Each scene proves itself to be necessary for the development of the characters, humour, as well as action with nothing forced whatsoever. It was a breath of fresh air amongst dark and sombre world of the DC Comics universe and failure to truly fulfil in many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films (though, there are the exceptions of Guardians of the GalaxyCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and Deadpool).

What makes it so good is that it’s not a ‘superhero’ movie as such. It’s packed with heart and humanity and brutal to the films core. Logan is essentially a road movie that looks a lot like Naughty Dog’s popular video game The Last of Us.Whatever happened between the mess of X-Men: Apocalypse and the cinematic brilliance that was Logan was in the right step forward. There have also been reports of director James Mangold doing a cut of the film in entirely black and white, something that would suit the tone of the film a lot better though it’s original colour that Logan is currently being screened in is perfectly amazing also.

It is by far the best X-Men film so far, finally getting the Wolverine film we, as an audience, deserve after a hiccup in 2009 with Wolverine and an improvement in 2013’s The Wolverine. To save yourself from sitting through the credits, there’s no mid- or post-credit scene.


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