A ‘Fist Fight’ you want to miss.


Fist Fight tells the story of when one school teacher gets the other fired, he’s challenged to an after-school fist fight.

The best part of this film was when we finally got to the fight at the end, amongst the strangest things was Christina Hendricks’ strange bit part, and amongst the worst was the film being so riddled with cliches it was almost too painful to watch at times.

Once again, Fist Fight is the victim of having a good looking trailer but fails to deliver in the actual film. Both Ice Cube and Charlie Day are great comedians in their own rights and it looked really interesting to have a film with the both of them together because it looked as if there would be some really good, memorable comedy. Nope, nothing. Nada.

I get that the film was meant to be comedic, but there is a way to still make it comedic and have a really good build up to what was to be experienced in the climax. It all depends on how the audience really engages with the film in the first place and there was little to nothing that made you want to do so in Fist Fight. There’s nothing that makes you want to like any of the characters because they’re all awful human beings and nothing that really makes them human in the first place. Even though this wasn’t the message of the film — the fighting that is — but it being that of underfunded schools. This would’ve worked really well if the film wasn’t just so plain awful in the first place. The jokes were cliche and become boring after a while in their repetition of lame student pranks, swearing from children, or a joke about drugs. Much like that of Sausage Party, there was a really good idea but failed to give us anything apart from shock jokes and foul language.
If you want to see Charlie Day’s comedic talent, watch Always Sunny In Philadelphia or even Horrible Bosses, and for Ice Cube, well, 21 Jump Street is your best go. Despite the best performances from both Ice Cube and Charlie Day, Fist Fight is just one awkward mess amongst a slew of ‘comedies’ that don’t hold any humour.

Film-O-Meter: 5/10.


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