Not disappointing, just not worth the ticket price.


A Hologram for the King tells the story about a failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy monarch.

This is an okay film. There’s nothing overwhelmingly great about it but nothing horribly bad about it either. One part that I did think it did do well was showing what it was like to have a panic attack, which I often have, and it often feels like what it’s portrayed like in the film where you feel like the world is literally crashing around you from all the pressures in your life.

I wish I had also read the book before watching this film as I feel it definitely could’ve been so much better in book form and obviously not so great in a film adaptation. This is one of leading man Tom Hanks’ lesser off films, especially when compared to his most recent accomplishments with 2015′s Bridge of Spies. For someone so especially talented, it’s a shame he agreed to be apart of such a mediocre film where the majority of the ‘jokes’ fell flat on their face. At times, also, it seems Hanks struggled with really portraying his character even with the heartwarming times with his on screen daughter. Things obviously got lost in translation in the book to film adaptation, despite the talent on and off screen.

In the end, I was just wondering what the film was actually about and how basically I was unable to connect to the lead characters at all. I did feel sorry for how women are continued to be treated in the Middle East and the prominence placed on the male figure within these countries.

It wasn’t a disappointment, I just wish I hadn’t gone out to the cinema to watch. In saying this, however, it’s a film where I would demand my money back. Maybe wait until it’s available on a video on demand site like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Film-O-Meter: 5/10.


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