‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ is a film for all ages.


Florence Foster Jenkins tells the story of a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.

Although this was quite an enjoyable and almost mindless Sunday afternoon film, despite it’s true origins, it often comes across with humour that’s almost forced. The only character that you would be able to truly connect with as an outside looking into the film, with much of his reactions similar to that of the audiences, is Cosme McMoon played by Big Bag Theory actor Simon Helberg. He provides a genuine comic performance who lights up every scene his in, patiently waiting for his next appearance in the film. The film also holds a strong resemblance to French film set in 1920s Paris called Marguerite that came out last year, but obviously, as it usually works out, Florence Foster Jenkins took all the glory and you wouldn’t have found out about Marguerite unless you searched for it. Or in my case, found it when I was scrolling through the foreign film section on a flight between Australia and England.

Just like many of her previous films, Meryl Streep shines in the role of Florence. She’s a charming character that you can’t help but love for her sheer perseverance to fulfil her dream and that’s the most amiable part of the film – pursing something at all costs, even when others criticise and pull you down for it. Amongst the laughable performances Streep gives with her atrocious singing, that she pulls of comically, it’s honestly a heartwarming tale despite it’s sad ending.

Florence Foster Jenkins is a film for all ages and not just the older audiences it’s targeted towards although it might be worth seeing Marguerite beforehand as I seemed to have found it more enjoyably honest and comedic than a more Hollywood-ised version.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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