If you’re a fan of Seth Rogen, this is perfect for you.


Sausage Party tells the story of a sausage who strives to discover the truth about his existence.

Although it seems like the majority of times where Seth Rogen comes up with an idea, he’s always high while doing so because its always crazily ridiculous. This film had a great premise and making it interesting by ramping it up to an adult level, it still remains ridiculously crude and disgusting at times, especially towards the end of the film were things get quite sexually explicit.

It had interesting themes, especially between the Israeli and Arabic characters that explored very real life topics, this is as far as the film comes. Sausage Party is essentially unnecessary and excessive profanity where there almost not one single line that isn’t sexually or explicitly charged and this was all done instead of actual humour, or maybe there was just none in the first place. If this type of humour is right up your alley, then go for it, otherwise I found it a mediocre mess that often felt totally uninspired at times. Going into this film, I should’ve known better because the majority of Rogen’s films are childish, sexually charged, numerous “jokes” about drugs, and often so awkward I’d rather punch myself repeatedly in the face. I was genuinely excited about this film and I was totally let down.

From what I’ve read, the apparent inspiration for Sausage Party was an “adult” animated film and by “adult,” I guess they meant porn because there’s absolutely nothing adult about it. It’s not smart but extremely unintelligent and totally brings down anything the film had going for it. I don’t really have anything against low or gross humour as at times it could be funny if done right but there was absolutely nothing about this film. Even the potential the film had for visual gags, there was nothing that would make you laugh. It was dull and grossly boring.

If you’re a fan of Rogen’s humour and want to hear some crude and sexually changed food jokes, Sausage Party is for you! Otherwise, I’d highly recommend saving your time and hard earned money for something worthwhile.

Film-O-Meter: 1/10.


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