Films like ‘Bad Moms’ need to stop.

Bad Moms
 tells the story of three overworked and under-appreciated moms who are pushed beyond their limits and ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.

The first question I had when I watched this film was, “who wrote and directed this film because it’s clearly not a woman, despite its protagonists.” And guess what? I was right. This film was so clearly made by men, though it often didn’t have cringe-worthiness of some other films, it still holds the fact that its just that little bit sexist with each of the characters being shoehorned into recognisable roles in no new way (this also includes the man-child that is Mila Kunis boyfriend in the film and the sexual objectification of the stark naked woman he he’s caught masturbating to and has been to for the last ten months as they make fun of her ‘bush.’ Can someone please explain to me why this is funny? Has this literally what modern day comedies have become? That and movies full of constant partying and getting drunk like it’s the only thing you could want in life – JUST STOP).

The only reason why I wanted to watch this film is because I’m somewhat of a fan of Lilly Singh who barely had a cameo role next to Christina Applegate despite how much of a bigger role I thought she would play.

The screenplay barely seemed strung together with each of the characters careless as the next. It wasn’t a smart or enjoyable comedy. It was boring and could be found in the pile of the other slew of female lead comedies that hardly made the dent that something like 2011′sBridesmades made – it was actually smart, funny, and made you want to watch it over and over while films like Bad Moms supported an A-list cast that made you wonder why the took the role in the first place. Probably because there’s not a single decent role for women in cinema at the moment, or even a single decent film on our screens that’s even worth seeing as we hit the mid-year dry spell.

I’m just hoping that come September, or even October, we’ll have something more entertaining than CGI laden or crude comedies that people will forget after it’s opening weekend. And in the rare moment audiences do, it will be for all the wrong reasons and wanting to forget about it all over again. Someone call me when something decent comes out otherwise for now, I think I might stick to television where I can see more risks being taken, gender roles and sexuality tackled, people of colour finally being given the chance to shine instead of being whitewashed into oblivion, women being given meaty roles, and exploring stories that are actually worth my damn time.

Film-O-Meter: 1/10.


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