A small feel-good film you don’t have to think about.


XOXO is a film that follows six strangers’ lives collide in one frenetic, dream-chasing, hopelessly romantic night.

XOXO is a less star studded version of We Are Your Friends that expertly interconnects six individuals stories in an overarching narrative set at a fictional XOXO festival. Although it’s not a perfect film and definitely not something that will ever have a theatrical release, this definitely plays to its advantage as it’s audience is something that would watch the film on a video on demand platform like Netflix. It was a smart move by Netflix for this television style movie that shows the festival culture of this generation pumped hot with dance tracks and hallucinogens.

The soundtrack of this film is on point and is the highlight of the film along with the deeply personal friendships and the quest for that connection this film employs adds to the mostly original soundtrack mixed in with a couple of recognisable tracks. Although a lot of the points are choc full of cheese, the cast’s performances are at least hold some believability.

If you don’t have some interest in the dance music that plagues the radio along with a mixture of generic pop along with it’s punk variety, then I’m not sure this is the film for you. XOXO knows what it’s audience is and having some sort of interest in this cultural phenomenon that’s extremely prevalent in today’s society definitely helps. In saying this, however, having such a specific audience could hinder how well this film does though some of the values such as friendship definitely helps make that connection.

It’s a small feel-good film you don’t have to think about.

Film-O-Meter: 6/10.


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