A roundup of all that made the series great.

Jason Bourne
 tells the story of the most dangerous former operative of the CIA being drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.

Finally returning after years of being vacant from the big screen, Matt Damon finally returns as Jason Bourne with Paul Greengrass helming the film once more as director and screenwriter. They deliver a film that’s intelligently intense that seems like what has been lacking in a lot of films lately.

What I forgot about Greengrass’ films, however, is how nauseating they could be with the shaky camera but there are enough moments where you could catch your breath in more of the steadier shots. And I’m glad with in these Bourne films is that they use minimal CGI and focuses more on in camera action. This is ultimately aids to the film where he focuses on a pressing issue at that moment in our society and this time, a lot of the set up of the film is centred around the protests in Athens, Greece, which I have a personal attachment to as the economic crisis there affects a lot of my family still living there. The film has common sense and you totally get where the characters are coming from in their pursuit of their goals.

The cast is absolutely solid with the new addition of Alicia Vikander, who I’ve been a massive fan of ever since I saw her in A Royal Affair when it came out in 2012. She makes you totally believe the character she portrays and a strong actress that would be able to guide you through the film. You couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the character of Bourne but Damon and Vincent Cassel plays a brilliant villain. I haven’t seen Cassel play this good of a role since Black Swan or this much of an action type role either.

If you love a good action film and are a fan of the other films in the series, then this is the movie for you. It’s packed full of action mixed in with real life situations and although the story was a little predictable at times and was lacking in other parts, it still proved to be another great addition to the series that makes us forget about whatever the Bourne Legacy was (as much as we love Jeremy Renner).

Film-O-Meter: 7/10.


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