A good idea, poorly executed.

 tells the story of a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.

First off let me say how badly this film was marketed. It made it look like that both Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora and Chris Pratt’s Jim woke up at the same time, when in fact they didn’t. Even if I didn’t see this coming a mile away, I just felt like I was totally let down by the film as both Pratt and Lawrence have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Even as I write this review, I’m absolutely baffled at how ridiculously bad this film was. In the ever so rare cases that the critics are right, Passengers happens to be one of the films they’re right about.

What else really doesn’t make sense in this film is how Lawrence’s character reacts to finding out that it was actually Jim who woke her up because of his apparent obsession with her after spending a year alone on the ship. You might think that if someone completely ruins your life and all your hopes that you had for the future, you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with that person any longer. You’d want to put as much distance as you could between yourself and that person, even if they were the only other person on the ship. You’d also think that Pratt’s Jim might have some guilt of robbing another person’s future because he got horny.

This film could’ve been more darker, creepier, and more intense, especially if we came from Lawrence’s point of view as she’s woken up years too early and spends the rest of the film doing what she can to get rid of Pratt. Passengers could’ve been a really brutal film about male entitlement or even a really well done stalker and survival film, much like in the vein of Alien or even Sunshine. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Passengers falls so heavily into the category of why was this film even made and casted it so imperfectly. Not only do I have a massive dislike of Jennifer Lawrence (example a of how she’s completely disrespectful of Hawaiian religious relics) because of not only how offensive she is but how she essentially is an actress that doesn’t deserve half the credit she deserves. It would’ve been really interesting to see Pratt take a really creepy turn in the film to possibly show another portion of his acting other than his obvious knack for comedy and the apparent “action star” he’s being marketed as now.

A good idea, and its no wonder it made it on to the 2007 BlackList list of best unproduced screenplays, however in the end it was just very poorly executed. I can only imagine what his take on the new Tom Cruise led The Mummy reboot.

Film-O-Meter: 2/10.


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