Now You See Me 2
 tells the story of the the Four Horsemen resurfacing and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

After seeing an early preview of this film, I wasn’t disappointed and that was because I never had any expectations going into it in the first place as I just knew this was another film that was created because the first one did so well and the production companies wanted to continue to feed off the riches a sequel could provide. What made the original great was because you knew it could be a guilt pleasure that was so unbelievable and knew it was something that would be a good time with the help of decent performances by a well known and respected cast along with delightful twisted beats. Now You See Me 2 tries to emulate this, starting of in a similar way to its predecessor only for it to escalate into a ridiculous reality that becomes so lifeless and void, though not entirely painful.

The first act of the film is fine, and has it’s own rhythm to it that we as an audience can fall into, but as soon as things change into the second act, or the second half of the film, things start to get a little more worrying. The audience was sent into a trance of somewhere between bored and dozing off where we were lulled into simply not bothering to care or to focus because none of it made any sense and there was no point in trying to figure it out. By the time the end of the film was reached, it left me with absolutely no satisfaction whatsoever and made me feel almost jibbed at the time that I’d given to this film.

It all just felt like visual noise filmed in the most uninteresting and unstylish way possible with no consistent momentum that proved to have absolutely no worth. It all lacked the spark and originality it’s predecessor provided, nothing at al that attracts us to the project apart from the fact it’s a sequel to something we may have found interest in intially. It was something that was carried on for too long and it’s very existence almost questionable.

Every one of the stunts in the film was insanely crazy with no grounding in the actions of the characters as the film becomes one insane extravaganza of mindlessness, a showcase of visual tricks. Things just keep on happening without there needing to be. Twists and turns were too illogical to even think about and too preposterous to even wonder how they were even thought of and how it would fit into the logical pattern of the film. Dialogue spoken by especially some very fine actors in Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, or even Jesse Eisenberg seemed strange upon hearing them speak. Would their character even say something like this? Would theseactors even say something like this? How was this even considered passable?

In short, save yourself the headache.

Film-O-Meter: 3/10.


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