A wartime romance that didn’t quite make it.

 tells the story of an intelligence officer in North Africa in 1942 encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.

This is a film that has received mixed reactions no matter where you look for advice on wether or not you should see this film. Let me help you with that — don’t see it. If you still go ahead with this and continue to see the film, you might understand this mixed reaction. Allied is not a bad film, per say, as screenwriter Steven Knight has some really amazing work under his belt like television show Peaky Blinders, which in my view is the better British version of Boardwalk Empire, single location film starring Tom Hardy in Locke, light hearted The Hundred Foot Journey, and small indie film Dirty Pretty Things. Much like Burnt, Allied suffers from failing to be a lot more then the trailer promised it to be, which was something that would be more epically moving and thrilling and focusing on the tension of finding out that the partner you’d married and started a family with is a German spy. To be honest, this is what drew me into the project and ultimately disappointed me in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, Allied has a visually stunning aesthetic that portrayed the period it was set in but that is not good enough without a decent script and that’s what failed this film in the end. Sure there are some great moments with beautifully intimate scenes but the ending seemed to draw heavy comparisons to Casablanca and the controversial ending did absolutely nothing for me. I absolutely hated it.

The screenplay and pacing was uneven as it clearly lacked plausibility in places, especially when the missions were concerned. It seemed overly padded because the writer, Steven Knight, didn’t know what to do with the idea that he’d come up with and failed to properly flesh out what could’ve been an extremely interesting and edge of your seat thriller. If there’d only been more focus on the lead’s relationship, there might have been more something more there then overlong scenes that adds little to nothing to the film. The emotional scenes were overdramatic and lacked the subtlety needed. So much more could’ve been done and I think that’s what frustrated me the most.

Allied’s superfluous scenes pulled the film back from what it could become. It has the inklings of what could make it a great film but many things got in the way of fulfilling it’s goal.

FIlm-O-Metre: 5/10.


2 thoughts on “A wartime romance that didn’t quite make it.

  1. There are very mixed views out there on this film, and I enjoyed reading yours. The filming is great and the nostagia look is done well. Althought this is an action-packed espionage it has an ordinary script and unconvincing performances. In places the acting just felt fake.


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