The performances pull this film through.

Deepwater Horizon
 is the dramatisation of the April 2010 disaster when the offshore drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, exploded and created the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

The incident in 2010 of the events that occurred at Deepwater Horizon is something that the whole world knew about and is something that continues to affect that seriously affected the Gulf of Mexico for a very long time. You’d basically have to be living under a rock to not know what had happened. When I went to see the film version of this incident, it reminded me of an old friends dad who had the same job on an oil rig but just off the coast of Norway. So imagining what she would go through if something like this would happen to her dad is devistating.

In another string of Hollywood not having any decent original ideas, they’ve turned to real life events as another way of creating more films. In this one case, it does work in it’s favour, with actor/producer Mark(y Mark) Wahlberg finally picking up another decent role after so long and a string of averagely mediocre roles. The last decent role I remember him taking on Micky Ward for The Fighter from 2010. His role in Lone Survivor was okay but then again, it wasn’t exactly that memorable. His role of Mike Williams in Deepwater Horizon is one of a natural leader but also holds a realistic side that manages to balance the supernatural heroics that many leading characters find themselves portraying.

Each of the roles were filled by those who proved themselves, despite only knowing Gina Rodriguez from the few episodes of Jane the Virgin I’d seen her in. She has a strong future ahead of her as she has the sensitivity along with the badass strength to prove herself as a formidable actress. John Malkovich was a great additional supportive role, always a great go-to actor for the evil roles and it was good to see Dylan O’Brien start to branch out from his role on the television show remake Teen Wolf. Even the lesser named actors, who had small roles that still had an impact on the overall feeling of the film.

If anything, it was the performances that made this film more than anything else as Deepwater Horizon often felt a little too dramatic at times and made you feel a little tired come the closing credits from all the emotions the film begged from you. The message of the film gets across and it certainly delivers on its emotion but maybe it got a little too Hollywood when it really didn’t need to be. And much like many films these days, it very much could’ve been tightened and many scenes shortened or dumped on the cutting room floor. It wasn’t overtly long but it definitely could’ve been cut down.

Although the film seems formulaic with over the top visual effects along with some great acting, it’s still packed with non-stop action and heart of the events that occurred on the Deepwater Horizon along the effects that it still has today.

Film-O-Meter: 7/10.


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