“Dare to care” about the smaller films.

Hateship Loveship
 tells the story of a wild teenage girl orchestrates a romance between her nanny and her father, who is a recovering addict.

It’s no secret I’ve always preferred a more serious turn for Kristen Wiig as much of her comedy falls short on my humour scale. Though this outing of hers doesn’t feel particularly original and very much surface based, it still proves a worthwhile indie watch. There’s nothing too serious or philosophical about it,Hateship Loveship is a simple movie about family that centres solely upon the performance of it’s characters.

Wiig was great as always as she portrays a character who’s lived a very sheltered life with gentle tenderness and has the ability to give many emotions in a small movement. Much like many of her other smaller dramatic roles that tend to be looked over and Wiig as an actress easily being pigeon-holed into a ‘comedy actress trying to be serious,’ but it really works for her. She’s  one of the few comedic actress’ that could do this, giving an honest and truthful performance needed for her role. Hateship Loveship does have its strange moments of comedy that play right into Wiig’s style more then the over the top comedy many like her for in SNL. Though I don’t think this is exactly a bad thing, it’s not something for me.

It’s not the greatest film you’ll ever see but has a great supporting cast that aids each other in delivering a pleasant film that unfortunately wouldn’t have garnered much attention and seen much of the light of day.

As the tagline of the film says, “dare to care” about the smaller films because you’ll never know the performances and story you might get out of it.

Film-O-Metre: 6/10.


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