“Love is love is love.”


Love Is All You Need? tells the story of a world where heterosexuality is considered immoral based on the short film of the same name.

I hadn’t seen the original film before watching this feature length version and you honestly don’t. I heard about this through one of my lesbian friends who recommended it as a “must watch” as a way for straight, heterosexual people to understand what it’s like to be anything other than straight in our society. Although I may not be of the lesbian persuasion, I still am apart of the LGBTQ+ community as aromatic asexual (which basically means no romantic attraction (aromantic) and no sexual attraction (asexual)). Though who I am is massively underrepresented, never talked about, and lacks any proper understanding, it’s hardly anything compared to what my counterparts suffer.

As soon as I saw the trailer for Love Is All You Need?, I immediately agreed with my friend. It was a film that everyone had to see so they could understand that people love who they choose. they are born who they are. When the tables are turned, this film takes a brutal and honest portrayal – the horrible violence, the living in constant fear of the hatred spat out at those who are different, and all the unnecessary judgements because people just didn’t understand.

When watching Love Is All You Need? you might recognise Briana Evigan from two of the Step Up films as well as her onscreen girlfriend Emily Osment, who you might recognise from television series Young & Hungry, along with Kyla Kenedy from The Walking Dead fame, all steal the show. They’re the strongest parts of the film with brilliant direction and a kickass script to guide them where they need to be. We the audience are captured from the first moment and taken on an insane journey because of a lack of understanding.

One can only hope this film would be used as a gateway into what it’s like to be apart of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m so glad I chanced upon this film because it gives a well needed turn of perspective.

As the ever so great Lin Manuel Miranda said, “Love is love is love.”

Film-O-Metre: 7/10.


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