A stereotypically racist film looking into multi-cultural Australia.

Alex and Eve
 tells the story of Alex, a Greek Orthodox schoolteacher, falls for Lebanese Muslim lawyer, Eve. The relationship is forbidden by both families, and thus the emotional dilemma of ‘Alex and Eve’ is created

It started off promising and then it got worse. It was cringeworthy and painful to watch, just like an episode of The Thick of It. Being of a Greek background and growing up and continuing to live in a very Greek environment, I found this film deeply offensive and disgusting. One of my close friends is Lebanese and when I told her about this film, we both seemed to come to the same conclusion about the fact that it heavily played into some of the cliche’s of the culture if not taking liberties into just being downright racist.

However in saying this, it was downright awfully made film overall with a lot of unnecessary swearing, scenes and sequences that didn’t make sense, and awful characters you face palmed at every time the appeared on screen. It was an absolute mess and disaster of a project and is the perfect example of how and why Australian films are getting such a bad reputation of themselves. No wonder the majority of Australian crew are leaving the country in attempts to find work because a) there’s nothing going for us in the country and b) trash like this is getting funded.

Australia does make the occasional gem such as Muriel’s Wedding, Strictly Ballroom, The Adventure’s of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Sapphires, and Animal Kingdom that makes us Aussie filmmakers proud to be apart of such an industry but they’re few and far between. In the meantime, we’re plagued with trash like Alex and Eve.

Only watch this film if you want to be disappointed, and I doubt anyone would pay to go into a film knowing that it was going to be that awful. It’s full of so much cheesy, and not in a good way, with any recommendation from anyone to see this film is completely delusional. I pity anyone who has to sit through this and anyone who was involved in the film.

Here it is plain, and simple: it is a painfully bad movie.

Save yourselves.

Film-O-Meter: -10/10.


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